Did you know that less than 65% of small businesses in the United States are investing in SEO marketing? 

SEO can help businesses market their products and increase sales, it has many short and long-term benefits.

If you want to improve your company’s rankings and revenue, there are a few things to focus on for your homepage. 

Keep reading to discover the best tips for improving your homepage SEO so your team can meet their goals! 

Post Engaging Content Online

One of the best ways to improve homepage SEO is to focus on the types of content you’re sharing.

If your content isn’t relevant or engaging to your audience, you won’t get many clicks beyond the homepage. When customers visit your site, they should find a surplus of info about your products or services. You can post engaging articles, videos, and quizzes on your site to get more views and encourage curiosity. 

Posting irrelevant, old, and dull info won’t do your company any good. Give viewers a reason to engage with your content and discover more about how you can simplify their lives. 

A few great ways to find engaging topics can be done with current trends, polls, and common inquiries. 

Know Your Niche

If you want to most engaging SEO content, you need to know your niche.

Your website niche will be largely influenced by your type of business or industry. Identifying your niche can help you pinpoint your target market. Many business owners make the mistake of going after too large of a group and their SEO efforts aren’t as productive.

For example, if you’re a women’s skincare company, focusing on aging skin, you have a specific niche. All of your content and homepage should reflect these topics and focus efforts on women above 25 years old. Including info about a baby’s skin may not work if you don’t bring it together with your niche. 

Improve Your Backlinks

Backlinks are often included in articles and online posts, they redirect viewers to your company’s homepage.

If you’ve been using backlinks with few results, you should focus on the anchor text. The anchor text for your backlinks could be the company name, the URL, or a shortened URL. If you aren’t sure how many links to include in your content, click here to discover the determining factors. 

Backlinks affect your search engine ranking since they represent a “confidence vote” between sites. Using a hyperlink from sites besides your own can increase viewers. Always use reputable resources that are high-quality links. 

Emphasize Certain Keywords

There are a variety of resources that can help you find effective and eye-catching keywords.

Keywords should match what people in your target market are searching for. Repeatedly using certain keyphrases and words on your homepage can improve your rankings. Simply putting keywords in articles isn’t enough, you need to find creative ways to use them.

You can add keywords on your homepage in headers, company info, and on photo descriptions. The more you start using keywords that people search for, the higher you’ll rank on search engines. Avoid repeating the same words too much, and think about other ways to search for the same info. 

Effective keyword phrases are only a few words, long phrases are less likely to get searched by customers.

Update Your Homepage 

A company’s homepage should be user-friendly and transparent for new customers.

Many types of SEO involve updating homepages with the latest graphic design trends. You can work with a graphic designer to ensure that your homepage makes sense and has a practical layout. Use common phrases people search for and let them dictate the sections and headers on your homepage. 

You can go into more depth about your services and products by using keywords on their info page. Help customers access this info with quick links and buttons that flow with your content. 

The average time it takes for someone to view a website is around a minute. You only have a few moments to capture their attention and guide them to your services or online store. 

Take Time With Titles 

There are only so many places you can use keywords on your homepage. 

Titles are a great place to incorporate keywords and phrases, they can also help you stand out from competitors. Standard pages regarding ‘About the Company, Store, Background History, and Contact Us’ get over-used.

Try changing these phrases for keywords in your industry that apply to the page. For example, if you own a bakery and don’t want to label your selling page as ‘Store,’ you can label it, ‘Fresh Baked Goods for Sale.’ These subtle changes will increase your keyword usage and help your search rankings. 

Aside from the titles of each page on your website, you need to post engaging titles for your content. Don’t rush into a title until you’ve put some thought into it, especially if it will always show on your homepage. 

Create Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions aren’t front and center on your homepage, but they still impact your success.

Many businesses make the mistake of stuffing their descriptions with keywords about the article. Although this might seem like an effective tactic, it’s more useful to use powerful sentences in the descriptions. 

If you’ve ever done an online search, you’ve likely skimmed through the sentence or two for each site to find the best one. These sentences significantly influence consumers that want quick information. Depending on your niche, you can include general or more precise details in your descriptions. 

Try changing your descriptions after a couple of weeks if you aren’t seeing the desired results. Creating descriptions takes time since you must balance quality info that’s engaging and unique. 

Add Internal Links 

There are several ways you can add internal links to your homepage to increase website traffic.

SEO experts recommend placing internal links at the bottom of your homepage. You can have internal links to most of your company’s pages and organize them. This is a section where people often find info about careers, help desks, and gift cards. 

There is nothing off-limits on your homepage if you want to link to another section. You can add internal links in your Featured articles, photo descriptions, and buttons. Internal links will help establish your hierarchy for search engines and get you to the top of the results. 

Post Testimonials

SEO content must always be relevant and engaging, but many business owners feel limited with options. 

Testimonials are a great addition to homepages since they increase your credibility. Keywords are often used in testimonials, which can improve your rankings on the technical end. You can post quotes, studies, and written reviews from consenting customers. 

The info that customers may mention can spur a potential customer to hire you. They can learn more about what you have to offer and how you’ve helped previous clients. If you catch their interest, you’ll increase clicks on your homepage and improve your ranking. 

Use CTAs

Call-to-actions are friendly suggestions for customers to visit other pages or make a sale.

Incorporating CTAs on your homepage can help navigate customers and ensure that their curiosity leads to a sale. Although you shouldn’t be forceful, you want to be clear and concise with your CTA sentences. Use certain phrases within the sentence as anchor text and insert an internal link when you can.

Simply telling someone to visit your store won’t help. On the word, ‘store’ include the hyperlink so your page is more user-friendly. CTAs should be meaningful, if they feel forced, you may want to rethink their location. 

Is Your Homepage SEO Lacking? 

By utilizing homepage SEO tactics, you can increase traffic to your site, thus increasing brand awareness and sales. 

Understanding your target market is essential if you want to increase views. If you can’t connect with your ideal customers, your marketing attempts won’t be as productive. Researching trends and topics in your industry can help you improve SEO content ideas and find customers. 

Since the internet has become such a powerful resource for consumers, you don’t want to miss out on the benefits of implementing SEO tactics. Enhance your site with keywords and engaging content to build online traffic. 

Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and get creative. You must find ways to stand out from competitors with engaging content. 

If you want to learn more about search engine optimization and marketing, check out our page for the latest content! 

By Manali