Are you suspecting a vision problem? It might be time for an eye doctor appointment! 

Healthy eyes are a blessing. A clear vision is important for a prosperous life. And we certainly never want to imagine what it would be like to survive without it. 

Therefore, to ensure that your eyes stay healthy, it is important to add carotene-rich foods to your diet. Carrots, green veggies, and seafood are some of the many food options that are great for good eyesight. However, if you are experiencing some symptoms that lead to weak eyesight, then it is crucial that you visit a specialist right away. Get your eyesight glasses and wear them diligently to follow the treatment plan. 

Signs of Weak Eyesight 

Some people are unable to decipher, whether they have an eyesight issue or not. Thus, we have summed up some simple signs that you might be a suspect of weak eyes, and here are some of them. 

  1. Blurred Vision:

The sharpness of your vision is a sign of healthy eyes. On the contrary, if you look at something and it does not appear as sharp and clear as it should be; then you definitely have weak eyesight. 

  1. Double Vision:

Just like blurry vision indicates weak eyesight, double vision is another symptom of unhealthy eyes. This is when you might look at something and the vision might double the object for you. This can be extremely tough to deal with, especially for students. Double vision usually indicates extremely damaged eyesight and must be addressed immediately. 

  1. Constant Headaches:

Frequent headaches can be due to stress but they might be a sign of weakening eyes too. As you try harder to focus on objects, you force your eyes to emphasize accurately. This leads to strain on the eyes which results in constant headaches. They are usually quite severe and don’t go away that easily. If you have been experiencing them, it is recommended that you get an eye examination done. 

  1. Squinting:

Squinting is another sign of weak eyesight. This refers to the inability of viewing or reading something accurately from a distance. If you have to narrow down your eyes to read something, almost all the time; you might have very unhealthy eyes. However, it is treatable through eyewear and proper examination. 


If you have been experiencing any of these signs for some time now, it is important that you visit an eye specialist right away. Do not ignore these symptoms as they start decreasing the health of your eyes rapidly. 

To maintain a healthy vision, it is important that you reduce your screen time and focus on a healthy diet. Furthermore, as soon as you experience these symptoms, visit an expert and get your examination done. You will receive a treatment plan and eyewear, according to your condition. Follow the instructions laid out by the doctor to ensure that you can restore the health of your eyes, in the best way possible.

By Manali