It’s a new year, which means it’s time for a new you – or your business’ website, at any rate. Refreshing an older website, even if it’s just by auditing through to clean up any issues, wayward spelling or grammar mistakes, and updating outdated information can help you with your search engine ranking and customer retention. If a website feels particularly outdated, however, then you’ll want to give it a complete overhaul. 

There are several steps involved in revamping your website, as, yes, sometimes it’s important to give it a fresh look. These steps will help guide you through the process so you can launch your refreshed website with a bang in 2023: 

Use SEO Services 

When it comes to multiple aspects of your website revamp, know that SEO specialists are a great resource to turn to. Search engine optimization services can cover audits, content and copywriting, technical SEO and more. Use their services to either quality-check your efforts or direct your efforts. Why? The reason is simple; if you have a website that’s optimized for search engines today, you’ll know your site is engaging, properly structured, accessible, secure, and fast. All of these qualities make a huge difference for your site visitors, so remember to use SEO to direct your strategy moving forward. 

Understand the Latest Design Trends 

SEO can help improve the content and canvas of your website. Design is going to put those efforts front and center in a beautiful format. While you do want to stand out, you don’t want to be so far out there that people don’t know how to use your website or find that your site isn’t very helpful. There is a delicate balance between aesthetics and user experience. 

A good way to keep your efforts focused or, alternatively, give you great ideas, is to see what’s trending and top design changes made by the big brands of today. You can workshop these ideas and give users something familiar, while also surprising and exciting. 

Add Value 

Every website needs to offer value in order to encourage visitors to browse, shop, and order. There are a few features that will immediately add value to your brand. The first are tutorials. Tutorials are a great way to not only showcase your products and services, but to also help customers understand the many interesting ways that the product can be used. Visual-first tutorials like videos or infographics are a must but do remember to add the necessary text to make your page as accessible as possible. 

Another great feature that will add value to your site is an advanced filtering system. If you sell a lot of products, particularly complex products, then having an advanced filtering system that lets customers input what they want and quickly get the results they’re looking for.  Looking to enhance your website’s visibility further? Consider integrating SEO in Hickory, NC to optimize your site and attract more potential customers.

Tools like that can be very engaging, helpful, and fun. 

Use A/B Testing 

Whenever you add a new page (particularly landing pages) it’s a good idea to use A/B testing. What this means is you use two versions of the same page in order to understand how users engage with it. Look at the analytics to see which page gets more clicks and interactions. If there’s a clear winner, not only should you choose that page, but you should make more of your pages similar to the chosen one. 

By Manali