So You Have A Home Theater

When I was in my twenties, it was fairly common for young guys at that time to be setting up their own home theaters. But what did those theaters consist of, and what made them an actual theater? If you asked them, merely having a television and some movies meant that they had a cinematic experience happening in their homes. Men back then would gather up all of their plastic orange juice bottles and string them together to make seats for one another. They would take their personal and beach towels and stack them atop one another to create a makeshift “bed” for themselves. They would keep all their old beer bottles and glue them together to form a sort of poorly made chair for their guests. It was a joke!

And when those dudes finally got enough money to get themselves some nice actual indoor furniture, did they learn more online to get themselves a really nice piece? No, instead they just selected decor in all black because all black was the easiest thing to come up with that required no thought or investment. In fact, it is a running gag here in the United States of America that you can tell a home belongs to a young bachelor because all the interior pieces will be made of all black and some of those pieces might even be broken and falling apart, but at least they will be black. Color is almost a daunting notion for these guys because it will require that they sit down and really get in touch with what feels and looks right.

Making Your Guests Comfortable

These guys are not used to making guests feel comfortable because that has never been their modus operandi. In fact, they are used to the types of guests who are accustomed to stacking chicken wing boxes, pizza boxes and Chinese food containers to make a really poorly constructed chair instead of actually investing in theater home seating as they should. There should be comfortable armchairs, nice sized sectionals and other pieces that can be mixed and matched or at the very least soft and comfortable for people to lay on comfortably. Even if you do not take the plastic off of the sofa that you are interested in owning so that your friends cannot accidentally get ashes or beer or liquor or juice on your items, you should at least have those pieces so that people can sit down and feel comfortable.

In my opinion, when a man invites you over to his home for a “first date” you should immediately say no. A first date is not at a home, and men often try to do that to say “I will cook for you” in lieu of having to actually buy you dinner. A woman who accepts this is foolish because you should not have to immediately evaluate a man’s home when you are first getting to know him. Also, that man is definitely wanting more than just food and a movie from you, and you cannot let him take advantage of you because you are in his space. Even if he has a really nice home theater you need to stick to your guns and tell him absolutely not because you are a classy lady who is worthy of so much more than the scraps he will inevitably offer you by keeping you in his home.

Watching Movies Together

Part of the fun of enjoying films is watching them with other people. My favorite genre of movie to watch is horror/thriller/scary movies, so I especially love having people around me who are screaming and laughing and jumping along with me at the jump scares, blood, gore and other scary parts. That can only happen if there is somewhere for everyone to sit comfortably as we watch these things together. Even if you are a recluse and you do not enjoy having guests over you should still be able to stretch your legs and comfortably watch the items you want to watch without having to worry about your back pain and other potential discomfort because you are forcing yourself to take the film in while you are sitting on top of strewn together chicken and pizza boxes.

You deserve better than that! Which is why you need to be sure that you have somewhere comfortable to sit and stretch out while you laugh, cry, or scream at your favorite film. No matter the genre you ought to be happy in your own space. Your comfort should matter to you the same way it matters to your mother. If your mother would want you to be comfortable in your home theater (, you should want you to be comfortable too!

By Manali