Did you know almost 40% of Americans use or plan to use a storage unit to store their possessions?

You’ve found the perfect-sized storage unit at the right price. You’re ready to move your stuff in.

But wait! Don’t just throw those cardboard boxes into the cubicle and slam the roller door down. You need some tips for organization to ensure you know what’s in there and how to find it when you need it.

Read on to learn how to sort your stored property like a pro.

1. Inventory Your Items

The first task you must tackle is a thorough audit of everything you plan to store in your unit. This means getting out a piece of paper or creating a new note on your phone and writing down every item.

If possible, sort the list into categories, such as large furniture, seasonal decorations, and kitchen equipment… you get the idea. This will help you work out how many and what size storage containers you require. It can also help you organize what to place where inside your unit.

2. Use Clear Bins

One of the best storage unit tips and tricks is to ditch those dingy cardboard boxes in favor of clear plastic storage containers.

Choose boxes with lockable lids. A good seal keeps out damaging dust and pests. Plus, the transparent walls of these boxes ensure you’ll always be able to see what you stored inside.

This option is more expensive, but the time you save looking for things and preserving your property is worth the extra cost.

3. Get Out That Label Maker

We’ve all got a label maker sitting in the back drawer of our home office. Now, you finally get a chance to use it!

Labeling your boxes helps you quickly find your items later. The label could be something as simple as “Halloween costumes,” or you could create a category label with a list of everything in the box underneath.

Your labels should match the categories outlined in the inventory list you made at the start of this process.

Of course, heavy items like oversized furniture pieces don’t need a label since you can easily see what they are.

4. Disassemble Furniture

Instead of simply placing your entire bedframe into your storage unit rental, disassemble it and store it upright, leaning against one wall or in a back corner. It will take up far less space that way.

Do the same for any flat-packed furniture you plan to store.

Things like couches can’t be disassembled, but you can remove the cushions and store them in clear bins. Then, keep the sofa on one end at the back of the unit. Again, this gives you more room.

The only exception here is mattresses. They need to be stored flat to ensure they retain their shape.

Your Self-Storage Unit: Easy-to-Apply Tips for Organization

Having a few top tips for organization up your sleeve ensures you get the most out of your storage unit. 

When paying rent for local storage units, you want to get your money’s worth. Plus, a storage method and plan means you can find all your items when needed. It also ensures things you leave in long-term storage don’t get damaged or destroyed by pests.

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By Manali