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Why You Should Take a Defensive Driving Course

A defensive driving course offers many benefits, from reducing driving risk to improving driving skills. Drivers who complete the course are more likely to enjoy more protection, zero violation charges, and less maintenance. You’ll also master accident-free techniques and potentially save on insurance costs. Consider adding a defensive driving course to your curriculum if you’re enrolled in a teen driving school or adult driving program. Here are five reasons why:

1. Improve Your Skills Beyond Basic Driving

Defensive driving courses teach you safe driving techniques. The goal is to help you master control of your vehicle in emergencies. You’ll also learn how to handle fatigue, road rage, and emotional stress. Basic defensive driving courses cover traffic crashes, psychological factors, DUI and other human factors, and safety equipment. The lessons also explore the dynamics of a collision, accident prevention techniques, and state traffic laws.

Your driving skills will naturally improve when you follow the rules and regulations. Defensive driving gives you a broader understanding of road use, crashes, state rules, and safety measures. You’ll learn to anticipate dangerous situations and make the best decisions within seconds to avoid accidents. Defensive driving courses also cover highways, night driving, and how to prepare for, recognize, and prevent or react to potential dangers.

2. Reduce Points From Your Driving Record

The state will apply points to your record when you’re involved in an accident or receive a traffic violation ticket. Each state specifies the points you can receive before you lose your driving license. Taking defensive driving classes can help you reduce the number of points applied to your record in two ways. The first way is by keeping points off your record. Defensive driving allows you to become a better driver and potentially be in fewer accidents.

The second way is by getting traffic tickets and citations dismissed. You can request permission to complete a state-approved defensive driving course by the date provided on the citation. If the court permits it, you’ll get the citation, ticket, and points dismissed from your record. Check if the court has a specific requirement based on your violation and if online certificates are acceptable. Complete the course and get your certificates to facilitate the point reduction.

3. Avoid Accident Fees and Related Costs

A crash can be devastating emotionally and physically. Accidents are also expensive. In the US, car accidents cost about $230.6 billion annually, around $820 per person. Car damage, medical bills, and time away from work due to injury are costly and can set you back financially. A defensive driving course from a teen driving school or adult program can help avoid such costs. 

Defensive driving teaches you the skills and techniques to anticipate and avoid accidents. You can also save more thanks to zero violation charges and fines. Some accidents are unavoidable, but you’ll learn how to make the best decision in each situation. You might also have fewer car repair incidents and less maintenance. Good driving habits can protect you from costly accidents and help you get compensated for unavoidable crashes caused by other users.

4. Qualify for Car Insurance Discounts

Taking a defensive driving course can help lower your monthly car insurance premium and attract discounts. Most auto insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders with defensive driving certificates. The course helps you to become a safer driver, capable of anticipating and avoiding accidents and making the best decisions on the road. Since you’re less likely to be part of an accident, insurance providers will sometimes give you a discount and a better rate.

Defensive driving can also help you dismiss tickets and reduce points that were raising your premiums. Insurance companies look into your traffic violations, citations, and accidents to determine the risk. If you have many incidents, you’ll pay higher premiums. A defensive driving course can help you maintain an excellent record with no traffic charges and fines. 

Teen Driving School with Defensive Driving Course

Defensive driving isn’t what most teens think about when looking for a driving school. Many learners want to pass the knowledge and drive test and receive a license. Defensive driving courses are the key to maintaining your license and avoiding accidents. Before graduating from your state-approved teen driving school, enroll in a defensive driving course. The extra skills will come in handy during situations requiring quick decision-making.

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