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When You Need God

Young females need their fathers. Likewise, big girls. But not all fathers are created equal. Dad had me ready. (When you need God, what do you do?)

He pushed me into circumstances that weren’t always simple or comfortable to teach me how to tackle problems. He forced me out of my comfortable, safe environment and taught me how to survive.

This is how much we need God because He is our Father. Throughout the good, bad, and ugly days of our lives, we need God for a variety of reasons. There is never a unique reason why we need God. As opposed to what most people believe, God is designed to be needed every instant of our breath, not just on bad days. When do You need God? There are numerous answers, but these are a few:

1. You need Him first because He grants you breath. 

“He grants to all humans life and breath and everything,” the apostle Paul tells the Athenians (Acts 17:25). He has the authority to snuff out our breath whenever he wants.

2. You need God for freedom.

You need God to be free from fear of the unknown, free from fear of failure, and free from fear of condemnation. You need God to set you free from your oppressors to enable you to fully appreciate the things that God has provided for you to enjoy. God gives us freedom because without His grace we are unable to free ourselves from our delusions and self-centered wants.

3. You need God to be satisfied. 

  Without God, you’ll never be completely happy. Without a relationship with God, we are lacking. Every person has a God-shaped hole inside of them that can only be filled by the presence of God! We have the option of learning this lesson sooner or delaying learning it in frustration for the rest of our life. The way that God may be most totally human is to share in his or her nature. I believe that a large portion of the profound unhappiness and discontentment with life that individuals frequently experience is due to an identity issue, particularly as it relates to our fullest identity being made to share in the divine nature.

4. You need God to safeguard you from perilous circumstances.

“Because we do not fight against flesh and blood, but rather principalities, powers, rulers of this age of darkness, demonic armies of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 6:12). 

Dark spiritual forces are at work. Although you cannot see them, they are extremely real (I Peter 5:8). You also require defense against the harm that other people might inadvertently (or on purpose) do to you, as well as against your natural impulses that may lead you astray.

5. You Need God For Good Direction

Presently, there are lots of experts and specialists inclined to advise on relationships, love, family life, conflict resolution, happiness, and even the very meaning of life. Yet who is reasonably authorized to give sound, a balanced orientation in all these areas if not mankind’s Maker, God?

6. You Need God For Answers To Life’s Problems

Life can throw a lot of things at us which will prompt questions like ‘‘Why do good people have to suffer?’ ‘Why are some innocent babies born deformed?’ ‘Why is life so unjust?’ 

 Those are serious questions indeed, and only God has the answers to it.


In whatever you do or the situation you find yourself in, always remember God. Don’t be fond of needing Him during the bad days–need him when the going is good and rosy too.

I believe this post serves as an eye-opener to anyone that comes across it.

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