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What Are the Best Ways to Increase Business Productivity?

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Employee productivity fell by 7.5% in 2022, which shows how many businesses are struggling in this area. 

Improving business productivity is essential for driving sales and keeping your dream alive. But, with so many areas to focus on, it’s difficult knowing where to begin. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to boost your company’s productivity and are searching for a spark of inspiration.  

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best ways to drive business productivity. 

Create a Task Calendar 

When managing a business, creating and following a calendar is crucial. At the very least, dedicate a calendar to organizing your and your team’s daily tasks. Rank objectives by their importance and deadlines so you don’t get flustered. 

The beauty of calendars is you can apply them to any area. For instance, use one for your maintenance schedule or your social media marketing strategy.  

Ditch E-Mails

Employers running a business make the mistake of sending multiple e-mails throughout the day. Aside from clogging up your team’s e-mail folder, it wastes a huge amount of time. Thankfully, business owners use chat apps where employees can communicate in real-time without affecting productivity levels.  

Avoid Excessive Meetings

Another way to increase business efficiency is by reducing the number of meetings. Sure, these are useful for updating the team and working out a problem, but limit it to one a week. Ideally, you’ll want to conduct a 20-minute meeting as it keeps everyone engaged and doesn’t eat into working hours.   

If you must conduct a meeting, do it standing up. These are more productive because they’re short and stop team members from daydreaming. 

Limit Distractions

One of the top business tips is limiting distractions in the workplace. This can come in many forms, from phone calls to receiving an onslaught of social media notifications. If you struggle with this, keep your phone on silent and away from your desk so that you’re not tempted.  

Schedule Regular Breaks 

Whether you’re dealing with business maintenance or client calls, carve out time for regular breaks. Although it sounds counter-productive, rests are a great way to get re-energized so that you return feeling more focused. Avoid staying by your computer and instead, go for a walk around the block or chat with co-workers to unwind.  

Automate Where Possible 

Evaluate your business and figure out where you waste the most time. It’s likely on a repetitive task, such as scheduling social media posts or data entering, that will free up your time. For instance, use effective automation software like Zapier or Hootsuite.  

Stop Multitasking

Many employees fall into the trap of thinking that multitasking is productive. In fact, only 2.5% of people can multitask effectively, so it’s wise to schedule each one. Ideally, you should batch tasks as it’s far more productive.

For instance, if you have messages to send, do them at once rather than switching between tasks.  

Outsource Jobs 

If you have a small team or complete most jobs alone, consider outsourcing tasks to save time. Another benefit is that you save a huge amount of money because you needn’t hire a full-time employee to help you. Simply hire someone to complete the task in a specific timeframe for optimal productivity.  

Embrace Remote Working

Many employees want flexible working conditions, whether it’s hybrid or becoming fully remote. If your team is happy being in the office, that’s fine, but there may be occasions when they want flexibility. For instance, a new parent may need to work from home on Fridays because they can’t get childcare.  

Conduct A/B Testing 

No strategy is ever complete, so it’s important to use A/B testing for each one. This is where you try different ways to achieve a result. Web designers could, for example, test different buttons to see which ones most appeal to online buyers.  

Encourage Employee Training 

Employers should want their team to be constantly evolving and developing their skillset. Not only will it drive productivity, but employee training helps retain a winning team and stand out from competitors. Because of this, make sure you schedule a training day or pay for employees to complete an industry-related course.  

Create a Comfortable Work Environment

An underrated way to stay focused is curating the ultimate work environment. Make sure that plenty of natural light floods into the room as it opens up the space and keeps your employees happy. You should also dot houseplants around the office as it relieves stress and even purifies the air, which is great for boosting your team’s overall well-being. 

Also, if you haven’t already, invest in ergonomic furniture, as it’s essential for staying comfortable for an extended period. 

Always Ask for Help

Whether it’s for you or a team member, create a culture where people ask for help. It could be because your workload is too heavy or you’re struggling with a specific area in the business, such as filing taxes. If you’re in this position, delegate tasks to those with the expertise and encourage your team to reach out when they’re stuck too.  

Boost Business Productivity Today 

Hopefully, you’ll use these tips to increase business productivity. 

There are many ways to increase your business’s efficiency, such as creating a task calendar or using chat apps instead of e-mails. Employers should also cultivate a healthy work environment and offer employee training to keep everyone engaged and productive. Good luck with your venture!  

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