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What Are People Saying About Cannabis Dispensaries in San Jose, CA?

The use of marijuana in the United States and the global community has considerably increased in the past decade. You can witness this from the tremendous growth the marijuana industry has seen in the past decade. In fact, experts project its annual revenue to hit the 57 million mark (or more) in the next decade. In conjunction, there has been a sharp shift in public opinion concerning cannabis consumption in the U.S.  A recent Council meeting in San Jose, CA, contacted by city leaders, saw the approval of more dispensaries throughout the city. If you are wondering where to get cannabis, try a cannabis dispensary in San Jose, CA, now.

Recent Marijuana Developments

Leaders recently voted in favor of the Planning Commission to alter zoning laws affecting dispensaries and cannabis retailers. That entails the addition of a total of 37 more dispensaries at various commercial spots across the city. Currently, both cultivation sites and storefronts operate solely in “industrial zoning districts,” and a total of 16 dispensaries are only approved in these areas. In that light, here are people’s views about dispensary stalls in San Jose.

Public Opinions

Generally, beliefs and opinions about cannabis use and popularity ultimately depend on whether or not it’s legal in the respective state. The public holds varying opinions about legalizing marijuana, but these beliefs have dramatically shifted in recent years.  A new statistic reports that 53% support the legal use of cannabis, while 44% resist. This is a huge shift, considering that only 32% approved its use in 2006 while 60% (nearly twice as many) opposed it. Currently, the cohort with the largest supporters for legalization is millennials, with about 68% approving its legal use. And when we take a general view over past generations (minus the silent generation), the number of old supporters (70-89) has risen dramatically.

The study also finds that cannabis supporters are more prone to changing their standpoint than non-supporters—their counterparts. Overall, 30% still hold their affirmation for legalization, saying they always felt that way. But 21% of recent cannabis legalization supporters say they shifted their perspective, stating that there are moments they saw it as illegal. Comparatively, 35% say they disapprove of cannabis legalization and have not changed their mind since; just 7% have shifted into opposing marijuana.

When asked the reason behind their position, people bring up various reasons. But the most emerging reason relates to the potential effects of marijuana use. Generally, supporters are quick to point out its perceived medical advantages or note that its effects are no worse than typical drugs like alcohol and cigarettes. Non-supporters, on the other hand, see it as a dangerous drug that imposes considerable damage on people and society as a whole. 

Views on Dispensaries in San Jose, CA 

In California, medicinal marijuana use is legal, and this has been so for over a decade. However, several San Jose residents still question its recreational legality. This concern affects all cannabis delivery services across the city. According to section 5416 (d) in the California Code of Regulation, cannabis delivery services are lawful within the state of California, given the operator is licensed and observes the other states’ regulations. That means a retailer with the state of California license has a right to run their dispensary in San Jose.

Currently, many dispensaries exist in San Jose, CA., and you want to ensure your favorite provider operates under the right terms with the Division of Cannabis Regulation. By doing so, you not only evade costly repercussions but also ensure you’re getting the best quality products. Thankfully, several registered and accredited weed delivery services exist in San Jose, CA. In fact, you could have your product delivered right at your door steps by enrolling in one of these services. 

Young Adults Living Near  Cannabis Dispensary in San Jose Consumes More Than their Peers

In San Jose, young adults in neighborhoods with a significant number of dispensaries indulge in more frequent cannabis use than their peers. What’s more, they are more likely to have more positive views. The number gets better if a dispensary decides to install a storefront sign. When marijuana retail outlets get more numerous and visible, they considerably influence young adults’ perception and use of the drug. That’s why certain cities’ policymakers target restricting some billboards and forefront advertisements. Recent studies in California with 85% of individuals living at least 4-10 miles from a medical marijuana dispensary find that participants used cannabis for a greater number of days and several hours than subsequent the month and had higher positive expectations of its effects.

In conclusion, it is evident that the legalization of cannabis has led to more people using it, especially young adults. This is because dispensaries are now more numerous and visible, making the drug more accessible. What’s more, the positive perception of cannabis has increased, thanks to its potential medical benefits. However, non-supporters still see it as a dangerous drug with harmful effects.

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