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Unique Raya and Gir coloring pages for kids

We always get positive feedback from people about coloring pages, and kids love our coloring pages. We know that quality products will always support children’s development. It’s also fun to create many coloring pages for kids, including boys and girls of all ages is also fun.

Parents can check out many of our coloring pages and articles on our website to collect adorable pictures for their kids. Raya and Gir coloring pages will be the gift we bring in today’s article. Let’s find out together.

Raya coloring pages: Learning about the brave princess of Southeast Asia in Disney’s story

Printable Raya coloring sheets

Raya and the Last Dragon is an exciting story about the ancient legend of humans and dragons

Raya and the Last Dragon begins as a human story of the olden times. At that time, humans and dragons lived together. But the lives of humans and dragons are now threatened by the Druun – a dark entity capable of turning anything they touch to stone.

To fight against Druun to keep humanity alive, in the final battle, the dragons sacrificed themselves, creating a magic gem before being turned to stone. The last divine Dragon, Sisu, brought the pearl to the world in time to save humanity.

The war story seems to be over, and Kumandra will become a prosperous nation associated with a river in the shape of a dragon, which will prosper forever. But the dragon ball is also why the people here are divided into five tribes corresponding to the parts of the Dragon’s body: teeth, legs, bones, heart, and tail.

Long Tam, the land where the pearl is stored, is the wealthiest place of all. Raya is Princess Long Tam. From a young age, she was raised by her father to be the guardian of the jewel. He wanted his daughter to rule the land by peace instead of war and mutual invasion.

But something went wrong; Raya and her father, unfortunately, fell into the trap of the Dragon Nha clan. The magic jewel was broken into five pieces. Four of them were taken away by the people of the remaining tribes.

No longer held by the jewel, Druun turned around and began his hunt for humans. Benja is petrified. And Raya sets out to find the dragon god Sisu to find a way to fix the pearl, repel Druun and save his father’s life.

Raya is an impressive girl image in the hearts of the audience

The story of the girl Raya is a brave girl, not afraid of hardships with the desire to protect her land and people. Raya is a pious girl who wishes to save her father’s life. Raya is built with the image of a robust, resilient, and indomitable Southeast Asian girl; this is also the beauty of Disney when creating a female lead image that is different from previous animated films.

The image of the princess is no longer built with weakness and disadvantage, and she finally receives the prince’s love. Raya represents the image of a modern, brave and strong woman who always puts the country’s interests first. Children will love and adore Princess Raya, so let’s explore Rays coloring pages with children to color Raya’s beautiful pictures!

Children can freely create Raya coloring pages with crayons

Raya coloring pages are coloring pictures of princesses in Raya and the last Dragon. These coloring pages will create excitement for children in the creative process with colors. Children will learn more about Disney’s story and the brave and beautiful Princess Raya through Raya and the last Dragon coloring pages.

We will learn many lessons about courage and unkindness. The meaning of peaceful life is significant to us humans. We bring the Raya coloring page for kids; we hope that children will learn the meaningful lesson of the story.

Rays coloring pages are quality and free coloring pictures for kids. Parents can support children to choose and print so that children can be creative. With lots of coloring pictures and pencils, it’s a space for kids to be creative and unleash their passions.

Through coloring activities, children will learn many skills necessary for development. Parents do not need to worry about the colors children choose because creativity is unlimited. Children have fun with pictures, and colors are our joy.

We hope to create many diverse and vivid Raya coloring pages for children to practice their skills of ingenuity, concentration, and creativity. Children’s comprehensive development and intelligence are our motivation.

Gir coloring pages: Beautiful pictures of long-haired girls in anime movies

Printable Gir coloring sheets

Why do girls love coloring Gir coloring pages?

Girls always admire princesses’ beauty, kindness, and talent in cartoons and fairy tales that they often hear or watch on TV. Therefore, the Girly coloring page is one of the fantastic coloring themes for girls.

When learning to paint pictures of princesses, beautiful girls will be immersed in the world of beautiful. And cute princesses that girls always admire and love. Be hand-painted, create gorgeous dresses for lovely princesses according to their fashion style. Help children discover many exciting things, and their imaginations get more prosperous daily.

Gir coloring pages will give children the necessary coloring skills

For girls, coloring Long Hair Anime Girl Coloring Pages will help them practice patience, dexterity for their hands, and quickness for their eyes. At the same time, the Girly coloring pages with soft and gentle lines will help girls become more feminine and cute.

The beautiful, cute Girly coloring pages will help little girls. Who have just started coloring to be able to color without any difficulty. Older children, who are used to choosing and coloring. Can still use these pictures to let them practice coloring, but with complex lines. And more textures to create excitement for children. 

Little girls dream and often like to watch cartoons. And dreaming of becoming one of those cartoon characters is not uncommon. Therefore, Gir coloring pages give children visual enjoyment and satisfaction. At the same time, Through Gir coloring pages helping parents discover their child’s talent for painting. Parents will help them orientate their talent development.

Through those pictures, the children can freely choose their favorite colors to paint the picture for the little girl they desire. The created product will bring the baby’s own creative style and personality, unmistakable. Parents can also understand what their child wants, likes, and has strengths. Thereby creating conditions for the child to develop more comprehensively.


Raya and Girly coloring pages show children’s talent, understanding of color and painting, and creativity. Parents should encourage and praise children for having more motivation and interest in coloring for the pictures that children color.

Those pictures are the personality and imagination of children. We hope your child will create more coloring pages. We have a lot of coloring pages for children to choose from in the hope of bringing joy and excitement to them. Children, prepare crayons and color right away for these exciting pictures!

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