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Top Tips on How to Choose the Right Smoking Pipe for You

Are you interested in smoking pipes but feel overwhelmed trying to find the right one? If so, you must know how to choose a suitable smoking pipe.

The best pipes are ones you feel comfortable using and ones you love to use often. When you have that smoking pipe, you feel at home whenever you hold it.

See below for a list of tips on how to choose a suitable smoking pipe.

Size of the Pipe

The pipe size is an important consideration when choosing a smoking pipe. A small pipe may be more comfortable to hold and easier to smoke, but it will not have as much tobacco as a larger pipe. A large pipe may be more difficult to smoke, but it will contain more tobacco and provide a more satisfying smoke.

The size of the pipe will also affect the price. A small pipe may be less expensive than a large pipe, but it will not provide as much enjoyment. Choose the pipe size that is right for you and will give you the most pleasure.

You might want to start with smaller pipes if you’re a beginner. If you’re an experienced smoker, you might want larger bulk pipes.

Material of the Pipe

The most common materials used for best smoking pipes are briar, meerschaum, clay, corncob, and cherry wood. Briar is the most popular choice because it is durable and naturally resistant to moisture and heat.

Meerschaum is a very porous material that absorbs the flavors of tobacco, making it a good choice for those who want to enjoy the true flavors of their tobacco.

Clay pipes are fragile and can break easily, but they provide a very cool and smooth smoke. Glass pipes are great for cooling the smoke and are easy to clean.

Corncob and cherry wood pipes are a classic choice and can add a unique flavor to your smoke. Metal pipes are durable and suitable for traveling.


Briar is very porous, so it tends to absorb moisture and tobacco oils. It can give the briar pipe a unique flavor that some smokers enjoy.

However, it is so porous that it can be difficult to keep the pipe bowl clean. You may need to clean your briar pipe more often than other pipes. Finally, briar pipes can be more expensive than different types of pipes, so be sure to shop around and find the best deal.


Meerschaum is a delicate material, so you’ll want to avoid dropping or knocking your pipe around. It can discolor over time, so you’ll want to be careful about what kind of tobacco you smoke in them.

Meerschaum pipes require regular cleaning, so have a pipe cleaner on hand. It is also prone to breakage, so be extra careful when handling them. 


Clay pipes are a popular choice for many smokers, providing a pure smoking experience. The clay absorbs the tobacco smoke, producing a smooth, cool smoke. Clay pipes are also very easy to clean, so they’re a good choice for those looking for a low-maintenance pipe.


A corncob pipe might be a good choice if you enjoy smoking Virginia tobacco. Corncob pipes are typically very affordable and easy to find. They also tend to provide a very cool, smooth smoke.

If you’re unsure what type of tobacco you prefer or want to experiment with different tobaccos, a corncob pipe is a good one to start with.

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood pipes are typically very lightweight and easy to carry with you. It is a very porous material, so it’s essential to choose a pipe that has been properly cured to prevent it from absorbing too much moisture.

Cherry wood pipes tend to have a lovely smell, so if you’re looking for a pipe that will give off a pleasant aroma, this is a good option. Finally, cherry wood pipes are typically very affordable, so this is an excellent option if you’re on a budget.


Glass is a popular choice for many smokers because it is easy to clean and doesn’t absorb aromas or flavors. Glass pipes are known for their durability and for providing a smooth smoking experience.

When choosing a glass pipe, you should consider the size and shape of the bowl, as well as the length of the stem.


Metal pipes are popular because they are durable and easy to clean. When choosing a metal pipe, selecting one made from a high-quality material such as stainless steel is important. 

Shape of the Pipe

Depending on the type of tobacco you will be smoking, and your personal preferences, the shape of the pipe can make a big difference in your smoking experience.  

If you will be smoking aromatic tobaccos, a bent pipe is ideal, as it will help to prevent the tobacco from coming into direct contact with your lips. If you prefer a cooler smoke, a straight pipe is the way to go, as it allows the smoke to travel more freely through the pipe. 

If you are a new smoker, or are smoking a particularly strong tobacco, a shorter pipe may be a better choice, as it will prevent you from taking in too much smoke at once. 

Some pipes have a curved bowl, which makes it easier to smoke tobacco from a pipe, a centuries-old practice that has been passed down through generations. 

Type of Tobacco

You’ll want a pipe with a large bowl if you’re a fan of strong, full-flavored tobaccos. This will give you plenty of space to pack in a generous amount of tobacco, ensuring that each puff is packed with flavor.

If you prefer milder tobacco, go for a smaller bowl. It will allow you to smoke your tobacco without overwhelming your taste buds.

Choose the Best Smoking Pipe

Choosing the right smoking pipe is essential to enjoying the experience. Here are some top tips on choosing the right smoking pipe for you. Consider the material, bowl size, shape, and type of tobacco you will smoke.

Don’t forget to factor in your personal preferences. You can find the perfect pipe for your needs with a little research.

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