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Top Reasons Mental Health Has Become a Growing Concern

Today, over 500 million people are stuck with mental health diseases. This is enough reason why mental health has become a big thing. It is brought up as a topic of discussion at every dinner table. After all, it affects millions of people. It deteriorates physical health and kills people. 

Every year, thousands of people commit suicide. This is because they are sad and depressed. But this isn’t enough reason why mental health has become a topic of discussion. Here, we will discuss the top reasons why mental health has become a growing concern:

As mentioned above, over 500 million people are depressed. Out of this, a large fraction has anxiety issues. Some of them are permanently sad. While many of them have serious traumas in life. As of now, the number continues to increase. 

Thus, mental health has gained much attention globally. It is as important as the physical health of an individual. So as the number is increasing, it’s become a major concern for health experts. 

Clinical depression is the sole reason why people kill themselves. After all, it takes a big toll on a person’s emotional health. Depression is acknowledged as a state wherein a person feels their lowest. They don’t want to live anymore and commit suicide. 

While most people don’t tend to do it, many kill themselves. Life is hard, and mental health issues continue to rise. Stress and anxiety, if left unattended, transition into major mental health diseases. 

Yes, you heard that right! Mental health is as important as the physical health of a person. It affects the overall well-being. If you’re not in a happy state, you’ll eventually gain weight. It’s a proven fact that stress causes weight gain. 

And when people try to find happiness in binge eating and drinking, it does a lot of damage to the body. Thus, mental health shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet at all. Now that there’s great emphasis on physical health, mental health has the opportunity to get discussed too. 

If you’re aware of the LGBTQ group, you’ll know that they’re the most talked-about people today. More than being talked about, they are trolled, abused, and looked down upon. This is why transgender has come out to seek support for their mental health issues. 

Thus, LGBTQ therapy is provided, as it helps such people flourish in life. Doctors offer emotional and physical support to such beings. Since they’re a strong part of society, they deserve equal treatment. 

It will make your day if you’re in a good mental state. Regardless of the environment that you’re in, being in a good mental state will positively affect your mind. After all, our minds have great control over our bodies. The happier we are, the better it is for our overall health. 

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