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Top 20 best LinkedIn prospecting messages for sales

How do you write a personal social media message that’s much more effective than sending out cold emails? 

The automated marketing tool Linked Helper will help you. Here are 20 ideas for all occasions. 

#1 Find common ground when submitting a contact request

Since the user is not yet your contact and has not had the opportunity to study your activity, direct sales techniques should be avoided here.

In the Linked Helper Template Builder you can set up a general message template and the software will substitute replacement strings for each one. For example, mutural contacts or industries, as well as the name of a person.

Hello (Name),

I see that we are colleagues in the field of (name of your niche). I often share insights and write articles, and I will be glad to follow your updates. Let’s be in touch!

#2 Classic message for a new contact

In the first message after making contact, you may not be so eager to sell. But be ready for a closer connection and to find out if there is any interest in your services.

Hi (Name), glad you accepted the contact request.

I see you (add a personal fact about the lead from their bio or page). Therefore, you may be interested in our product (explain the relationship between the unique benefits of the product and the need). Does that sound interesting? If you want to know more, let me know.

#3 Show interest in the lead

Sometimes you need introductory information to further the dialogue, and you can ask in the first message. Let it look like a conversation with an old colleague.

Hello (Name), glad that we will appear in each other’s updates.

I would like to know more about you. Could you tell me a bit about your role in the company?

#4 Offer help

Direct sales in messages may not work if they are aggressive. So make a connection between your product and the need and provide input.

Hello, (Name)

I see you (mention the position and scope of the lead). We know how to make your business more efficient. (Indicate how your company solves the problems of similar clients. Our clients confirm this, and you can study real cases at (give a link to the site). I look forward to having a conversation.

#5 Hyper Personalization

This tactic is suitable for a personal message to a large or important lead. For such a pitch, you may need to conduct research to make an intelligible argument.

Hello (Name)

Your company has long won my interest. I found a lot of interesting information about (add facts about the company, product).

I am (introduce yourself with a position and a company). After my research, I realized that (explain what you want to offer individually, list the terms of cooperation).

You can see our expertise here (provide a link to reviews) and explore our services on our website (provide a link to the company). Let me know your thoughts.

#6 Follow up

After the first messages, personal meetings, calls, or online events, you should remind the lead of your conversation. This is important for lead conversion.

Hello, (Name).

We talked (indicate when and what you talked about). As promised, I am attaching (you can leave a nice bonus).

Let me know when it’s convenient for you to continue the dialogue, thanks!

#7 Gather recommendations in your profile

This is an important fact on your page that will give weight to your activity and increase sales. Contact everyone who knows you personally with a polite request.

Hello (name).

I am glad that we worked together (specify what exactly). I want to build trust in my work through my LinkedIn page, so could you please write me a recommendation? I’d love to hear from you (link).

#8 Request from recommendations

Often users send a request to establish contact because they see interesting people in the recommendations. You can mention it in the message.

Hello (Name). Your profile appeared in the recommendations of (specify the profile where the recommendation appears) and I see that we have common contacts, (name). I would like to see you among my contacts as well.

#9 Adding those who have liked your posts

This is an important step – to establish contact with those users who follow your posts. They may already be hot leads, so be sure to reach out to them.

Hello (name). I see you liked my post (about what). I often share working insights and exclusive information. Let’s stay connected on LinkedIn.

In Linked Helper you can organize auto actions including auto-messages for post likes or comments. Explore our post Is it possible to collect those who liked or commented post?

#10 Promotion of the event

In Linked Helper, you can send bulk event invitations. Before the event, you can send messages – that way there is a better chance that you will receive registrations. You can expand your network before the event to have a chance to invite more users.

Hello, (Name).

I see you work in (position or industry). We are holding an event that may be of interest to you (indicate the value of the event). You can find details about the event at the link (specify the link).

I will be glad to be in touch and see you as a participant in the event. Let me know if you have any questions.

#11 Webinar promotion

The webinar will get more views and registrations if you personally notify potential participants.

Hello, (Name). You can learn everything about (webinar topic) from the comfort of your home (date, time). This will help you (indicate the value of the webinar). You will receive exclusive information (indicate the expertise of the speakers). Registration (link) – we will be glad to see you there!

#12 Follow-up after the event or webinar

If an event or webinar was part of your funnel, then you probably planned communication after the event. In this case, you also need a message.

Hello, (Name). Thank you for joining our event (webinar). As promised, we send all the participants (share bonuses). If you have a couple of minutes to leave a review on our company page, we’d love to hear your impressions of the webinar (share the link).

#13 Lead magnet or trial

What could be better than a personal message on LinkedIn to offer a free service? Through the funnel, you can get more regular customers. Some just need to try it first.

Hello, (Name). Thank you for accepting my connection request. I see you work in (niche). Our product is already used by many of your colleagues. I’d like to offer you the chance to try it for free (specify URL).

If you have any questions, please let me know. I will be happy to answer.

#14 Share helpful resources

Sometimes useful information, such as research, templates, or articles, is enough to warm up leads. Share for future contacts.

Hello (Name). You have extensive experience in (specify area). I recently found this article that helped me a lot. In particular, (specify the main thing). You can read it at the link. I would be glad if you share some of your helpful resources with me.

#15 Communication through groups

You can find a lot of leads in groups, and Linked Helper allows you to write to all group members at once.

Hello, (Name). I see we are in a group together, (name), so I decided to write to you. I represent the company (name) and we help (indicate your mission). We offer a free (start with a lead magnet, provide a link to it). Please give it a try! It has helped many of our clients.

#16 Top of your search results

If you’re adding people because they turned up at the top of your search results, say so. This will surely please the person and they will accept the request.

Hello (Name). I searched for experts in (specify niche), and your profile showed up near the top and got my attention. We work in the same industry, so I will be glad to exchange ideas and materials with you. And I will be glad to follow your updates in the feed.

#17 Ask for advice

If you are writing to industry experts, you can ask them a question or invite them to participate in your event.

Hello (Name). I recently (read your article, and saw your project). This is an amazing result. I would like to know (ask a question, for example, what professional resources do you read). And I’d like to invite you to (specify the event, where, and when). The event may be useful for you (indicate the benefit for the interlocutor).

#18 Assign a call

Sometimes a call or a video call is a necessary step to grow your business. Write about it via LinkedIn. For example, if a person took part in your event, you can proceed to the call. Learn how to Collect those who accepted the invitation.

Hello (Name). I remember you were interested in (indicating an important point for the interlocutor). I’m ready to give you the details over the phone. When is the best time for a call? You can schedule a call in the calendar (link).

#19 Selling through messages

Sometimes emails can be less effective than LinkedIn messages. Therefore, if the lead is already warmed up, you can move on to direct sales and present your product.

Hello (Name). I have been following your posts and work for a long time. (Specify in more detail). Now I understand exactly how we may be able to help you. (Indicate how the lead will win if they try your product.)

(Present the product according to the needs of the client, indicate the USP, how you are superior to similar offers). You can study real reviews here (give a link to cases, screenshots of customer messages, etc.)

#20 Get down to business quickly and use numbers

Often a short message of no more than 150 words works better than a long text. Most people are just too lazy to read. Therefore, choose 4-5 strong sentences and include specific numbers.

Hello (Name). I am an expert in the field of (your area) and I help companies in the field of (your target market). We get real results (list the bright KPIs from your work). In just (period of time) you will see (X% result). Are you interested? We set up a meeting at a convenient time (link to the calendar).

Try automating messages for different networking occasions. Linked Helper has a free version available for 14 days and works on any operating system.

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