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The Scope of BAMS in Foreign Countries

Many of us grew up learning about Ayurveda and its principles. We have been taught of its various benefits. Today, thanks to the internet the rest of the world is catching up too. To take advantage of this change, SRI SAI Institute of Ayurvedic Research & Medicine which is an ayurvedic medical college and hospital has been providing Ayurvedic courses at all levels.

BAMS, the undergraduate variant of Ayurvedic courses, is a rigorous course that enables one to work as an Ayurvedic Doctor or Ayurvedic Practitioner after graduation. While these graduates can find plenty of work in India, can they do the same internationally? Let us find out the scope of BAMS in foreign countries.

What is the BAMS degree?

BAMS, short for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, is an undergraduate degree in Ayurvedic studies. It is the traditional medicine counterpart of the modern medicine bachelor’s degree, MBBS.  However, the approach to treating diseases and patients with a BAMS degree is different. It is a holistic medicine system where the Ayurvedic expert will consider the internal and mental status along with the physical afflictions to make a treatment plan.

Ayurvedic colleges in Bhopal and the rest of India offer the BAMS degree for a duration of four years. There is even a one-year mandatory internship period where students will practice what they learn in class. Applicants need to have completed their schooling in the Science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The admissions process is through the nationally held examination, NEET. A qualifying rank later, candidates are invited for a counselling round where they then take admission.

What do students learn in the BAMS degree?

The goal of the BAMS course is to introduce students to the basics of Ayurveda and its principles. This forms the base for all treatments and recommendations that the students would make as doctors. Ayurvedic college in MPteaches about the three doshas, and how they affect the mind and the body of people. Trying to attain a balance in the body where one is happy mentally and also physically fit is what all BAMS students learn how to do.

Besides the traditional Ayurvedic principles, private BAMS college in Bhopal also teaches about modern-day diseases. Students learn how to rely on new research and breakthroughs done on Ayurveda to aid in their practice with patients. BAMS teaches students how to evaluate the symptoms of a patient and then arrive at an ailment and suggestions to remove it. In the end, the doctor aims at not only relieving patients of their present symptoms but also completely removing the disease from the root. The private BAMS college fees in MP to learn all of these and more are around INR 2 lac to INR 15 lac annually.

BAMS: Scope in India

Ayurveda, though years old, is still very much in practice in India. There is immense scope for a BAMS degree holder today. Even though it is an alternative medicine option, it is still preferred by many individuals as Ayurvedic treatments are cheaper than modern medicine. Most BAMS students tend to start working in an Ayurvedic hospital in Bhopal after graduation. With experience, they also opt for higher education in their field. All public and private BAMS colleges in Madhya Pradesh and India also offer postgraduate variants of the degree.

Many private and public BAMS colleges offer higher degrees in BAMS. SRI SAI Institute of Ayurvedic Research & Medicine is the ideal BAMS institute in India to make your strong base for the post-graduate level degree. SRI SAI is also globally recognized as the best private BAMS college in Madhya Pradesh. 

If one wishes to work, the average salary for Ayurvedic doctors in India is around INR 3,60,000 LPA. With experience, one can earn up to INR 6,50,000 LPA. This figure will change with the skill set, specialisation and if the candidate is working for a hospital or on their own. They would be known as Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Physicians and even Medical Officers.

Higher education options for BAMS students in India include the MD degree. At this level, students usually choose a specialisation. There is also an MS degree in Ayurveda that is a popular choice for postgraduate studies. After a master’s degree, candidates become eligible for PhD degrees. While the MD and MS degrees last around 3 years, the PhD degree has a flexible duration of three to five years.

BAMS: Scope in Foreign Countries

Besides working in India, BAMS students also have lots of scopes internationally. As Ayurveda and its associated ancient knowledge practices become popular, more people are choosing to go the alternative medicine route. However, here it is important to keep in mind that Ayurvedic doctors cannot earn licenses to practice in certain countries like the USA due to strict laws. This means that Ayurvedic doctors cannot attempt written examinations in foreign countries to earn a license and work as Ayurvedic doctors. This is mainly because, in India, there are strict guidelines and laws under which Ayurvedic doctors are trained and educated while there are no such facilities yet in other countries.

Individuals could set up their own consultant or advisory practices instead. Caution must be practised here to adhere to doing so within one’s legal rights. There are many Ayurvedic centres where people gather to learn yoga and indulge in Ayurvedic food. These centres would be a good place to offer services to interested individuals. Certain laboratories and research facilities also hire Ayurvedic practitioners regularly for their knowledge and expertise in developing different products and services.

BAMS students who wish to expand their field in foreign waters must make sure to do thorough research on the scope and jobs available while also researching the local laws and regulations regarding the same.

Should BAMS students opt to work internationally?

The decision to work internationally is entirely up to the individual concerned. While it is easier to start working as an Ayurvedic Doctor in India as there is plenty of infrastructures already in place to do so, the same is not true for foreign countries. There are instead other options, as discussed above, where one can put their energy into while still working in the same field.

If you get your degree from the Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research & Medicine, you will definitely get a chance to get jobs in foreign countries. The demand for young and qualified Ayurvedic doctors is increasing day by day in the international market. 

Ayurveda is slowly reaching every corner of our world. More and more people are becoming aware of its benefits in the short term and the long term. As a BAMS student, one becomes equipped to help and reach this demographic easily. There are, nonetheless, many obstacles, as Ayurvedic doctors cannot earn a license in foreign countries. Still, there are options one can exploit after some research and patience. Hopefully, the write-up mentioned here has been helpful in that regard.

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