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The Best Destinations in Memphis Besides Graceland

Although Memphis loves Elvis, and you won’t go far without seeing a bumper sticker or tee shirt that references him: this city has so much more to offer than Graceland. From a theme park with an amphitheater to the largest pyramid in North America: you’ll be amazed at everything Memphis has to offer.

After you visit Graceland, give these other attractions a visit!

1. Explore the Memphis Music Hall of Fame

Although Elvis is the King, music is a vast and constantly expanding thing, and Memphis is sure to put that on the show! At the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, you can stop and check out the awesome acts that have been amazing crowds for centuries. Memorabilia, video interviews, and interactive exhibits make sure that everyone leaves a little inspired and extremely happy.

2. Check Out the Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art

Art is something that helps all of us connect with the world around us, and nowhere can you see more beautiful art than at the Belz Museum! This gorgeous museum offers the chance to walk through countless pieces of art, from tapestries to carvings, statues, paintings, furniture, and so much more. 

The information here will guide you through the history of these items, but the art itself will leave you stunned. There’s too much to take in from one visit, so make sure to come back more than once! 

3. Spend Time on Mud Island

If you’re ready to have fun and you’re in town with your family, stop and check out Mud Island! This peninsula off of Memphis dips into the Mississippi river and offers fun for people of every age. From kayaking to driving and seeing the views, you can have fun and enjoy getting a breath of fresh air.  

The amphitheater in the center of it often hosts concerts and performances, which ensures that everyone can stop and have the time of their lives here! To make the most of your entertainment-packed adventures, don’t forget to pack the essential vacation gear that will enhance your overall experience and keep you well-prepared for any surprises along the way.

4. Check Out the 10th Largest Pyramid in the World

Although everyone loves a good pyramid, few know that one of the largest ones is a Bass Pro Shop! This massive pyramid is a fun hunting and fishing store, shopping mall, and hotel all in one place! From the 300-foot tall elevator with glass sides to the live fish and alligators you can find, this is one of the most interesting stops you’ll ever make. Although it’s nothing like the other famous pyramids across the globe, it’s an awesome stop.

5. Have Fun at the Fire Museum of Memphis

At the heart of Memphis, this incredible museum ensures you can get to know the history of some of the bravest people in the world. Here, you can learn about the history of firefighters, their protection of everything from hospitals to Memphis houses for sale, and how they test the incredible materials they use to protect themselves. This is a highly informative and interesting stop.

There’s More to Memphis Than Elvis!

Memphis may be famous for being home to Elvis’s Graceland, but it’s more than just the King’s home. Consider checking out these other fantastic stops while you’re in town! 

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