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The best apps to send money anonymously

As you know, there are several reasons why people consider anonymous money transfers. Only not everyone knows exactly how to make anonymous money transfers to protect the confidentiality of the sender and the safety of funds. This is the question we will answer in this article.

Are anonymous wire transfers possible?

Yes, it is possible and legal to send money anonymously, both locally and internationally. Money transfer apps make it possible. 

The best apps for anonymous money transfers

Based on the quality of work and feedback from customers, the best platforms have been calculated:

● PayPal

● Revolut

● Skrill

● CashApp

And others that have been detailed.

The article also describes the functions and merits of each. 

Revolut Anonymous Money Transfer

This site offers the ability to send money using virtual cards. You can also hide your RevTag so that no one can search for you or find you in the app. If you also want to be untraceable when people have your username, you can turn off so-called “Payments with Friends” so that even people you transfer money to cannot see your credentials.

Money transfers Wise

Wise money transfers are semi-anonymous. Basically, you can transfer money without showing your bank account number, but if the recipient is on Wise, they will still see your profile picture and name. Of course, you can get around this problem by not using your face as your profile picture and using aliases.

Paypal anonymous money transfer

Although Payplal has not always been reliable when it comes to protecting the privacy of its users, it is still suitable for making semi-anonymous online payments. To make an anonymous online payment with PayPal, you must first activate a payment card or bank account. Your recipient will only see your registered name and email address when you complete the transaction.

Square Anonymous Money Transfer

Square Cash offers the same features as CashApp, allowing you to send and receive money using $Cashtags in addition to the basic features. Your $Cashtag is a special screen name that allows you to make anonymous payments and receive pay stubs.

Skrill Anonymous Money Transfer

Skrill allows you to send money anonymously online using a temporary email address. Keep your identity secret with a temporary, unidentifiable email address that you can delete immediately after using it. 

CashApp Anonymous Money Transfer

Cash App is a popular payment service to send money anonymously, which can be used anonymously, allowing you to make money transactions directly from your phone. 

Are anonymous money transfer services safe?

Anonymous money transfers are only as safe as the platform you choose. To determine if the platform is good enough, check which authority regulates it, what its reviews are, and what security measures it provides so you can take care of your money.

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