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Italian Pizza vs American Pizza: What Are the Differences?

Pizza is one of the most popular and universal foods around and has reportedly been enjoyed by many. When this delicious food gets brought up, it’s always New York-style and American that are most likely to be on people’s minds.

But what about the original? Wasn’t that Italian?

There have been arguments for years about Italian pizza vs American pizza, so is there a real difference? If so, what are the main distinctions?

Read on for some key differences between the original Italian and American styles.

Making the Dough: Ingredients and Techniques

To eat Italian pizza, you need to know that it is typically made with unbleached Italian-style flour and is wetter than American pizza dough. Using your hands, combine the dough and knead it in a circular motion with an upward and downward motion until it is soft and pliable. The dough is then allowed to rest before it is flattened out.

The American pizza guide is a simpler process with ingredients that are more readily available. With all-purpose flour that is kneaded with oil and water into a thick and heavy dough. The dough is quickly rolled out and topped with ingredients before being baked in a hot oven.

Different Ways Toppings Are Used

Italian pizza is traditionally made with simple ingredients like tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil, but American pizza can range from classic cheese and pepperoni to barbecue chicken and bacon-covered pies.

In Italy, pizza toppings like mushrooms, black olives, artichokes, and anchovies are often used, while American pizza adds toppings like sausage, pepperoni, onions, and peppers.

In Italy, there’s a greater focus on the quality and flavorings of the toppings, while Americans use generous amounts of pre-prepared toppings. The pizza crusts in both countries vary, but thin crusts are more common in Italy, while thicker, airier crusts often dominate U.S. pizza recipes.

Sauce and Cheese

Italian pizza has been a classic favorite for centuries. Tomato sauce that is lightly seasoned with basil, oregano, and garlic. The cheese (mozzarella is the go-to choice) is usually placed on top of the tomato sauce, creating a savory and delectable combination of flavors.

American pizza is cheesy, with a thick crust and heavy sauce that is loaded with spices and aromatics. The sauce tends to be sweet with a tomatoey flavor and is poured over the pizza before the cheese. Delicious Pizza is enjoyed worldwide, but Italian pizza and American pizza offer their own unique flavors to the well-known dish.

Italian Pizza Vs American Pizza: Which One Do You Prefer?

Italian pizza and American pizza each have something unique to offer. Whether you prefer the traditional thin-crust pizzas of Italy or the hearty deep-dish pizzas of America, your choice is up to your taste and preference.

Italian pizza vs American pizza is not a serious situation to choose from; you can try both and decide for yourself which you prefer. Let your palate be the ultimate judge!

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