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Identity supervision with IDaaS

A few years ago, there was talk of a data security revolution introduced by the new model – Identity as a Service. Experts will not be mistaken, as this model has not only been a commercial success but has also become an absolute bane for cybercriminals. Yet, today it is one of the best cybersecurity solutions.

Anyone can make a mistake

Ensuring data security is related to the fight against complex cyber-attacks. In our minds, cybercriminals are people who have to spend a whole lot of time going through challenging barriers. Meanwhile, many cyberattacks were made possible by simple human errors. As a result, awareness of cyber threats is still not exceptionally high. Meanwhile, COVID-19 has accelerated our transition to the virtual world, especially at work. Therefore, the number of people exchanging data in the cloud using various programs has increased. However, the average employee does not realize how great a threat to his company is that he logs into his work inbox from a private telephone.

Of course, many more dangers result from human behaviour. However, the above example shows how many of us may unintentionally act to the detriment of the company we work for. To this should also be added all other types of cyber-attacks. Therefore, it’s easy to see that every company should take cybersecurity extremely seriously in any business.

IDaaS is the best response to threats 

You cannot deny that new threats emerge as quickly as new cybersecurity solutions. Therefore, there is a need for service on the market that would relieve the company of the burden of constantly monitoring data security. IDaaS is the answer to this need. It is impossible to list all the advantages of using IDaaS in one place, so we recommend reading the article on this website: For our part, we want to explain what IDaaS is all about briefly. It is an exceptional service that authenticates and monitors all access attempts to corporate data. In practice, this means that the company’s cloud is protected by an external partner who can determine exactly who and when had access to the data or tried to gain such access.

How is it working? The connection to the external provider is entirely remote. Therefore, creating an environment to manage security functions is not needed. Furthermore, excluding internal personnel from this process further reduces the margin of error. Thus, identity verification and authentication are delivered as a service. Therefore, on the one hand, a user keeps access to specific resources in exchange for confirmation. On the other hand, there is a provider of these resources who can be sure that the identity verification was successful. If an error occurs on the way of the user or the provider, it is necessary to remove it immediately. As a specialist in this field, the external supplier is prepared for various scenarios (including errors).

Remember that even giants like eBay and Dropbox have had problems with cyber threats. So no matter how good the security in your business seems to you, IDaaS is a must-have if you want to be 100% sure about data security. It is not worth waiting for someone to make a mistake; it is better to protect yourself in advance.

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