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How to check for good quality defibrillators

Defibrillators are very useful pieces of equipment for any organisation. They are portable and easy to use, making them a great solution for companies that need an emergency response plan. But as with any other equipment, it’s important to ensure you invest in a good quality model. So follow these steps to check that your defibrillator is up to scratch:

What to look for in a Defibrillator

When you’re looking for good quality defibrillators in Australia, there are a few things to look for:

A high-quality label. The Australian Standard is one of the strictest labels in the world on medical equipment and appliances. It means that your defibrillator has been tested and approved by experts, so it should be safe to use.

Certification by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This is Australia’s official regulator of medicines and medical devices. You can check if your product has this certification by going online or calling them directly at 1800 020 653

How can you be sure of the quality and reliability of a defibrillator?

You can check on the manufacturer’s website. Do they have an email address? Phone number? A live chat feature, even? All these things help you determine the quality of a company and its products. If you’re uncertain about something, ask them! The worst thing that could happen is that a customer service representative will say “no,” and then you’ll know not to buy from them.

Check your warranty information before purchasing or using any equipment or product in question. If no guarantees are listed, it might be time to start looking elsewhere—this is especially important when purchasing a defibrillator (which will save someone’s life). It’s also worth noting that many companies offer warranties on their products separate from those provided by retailers like Amazon or Walmart; make sure yours has one before purchasing anything else.

Ask the manufacturer.

Ask the manufacturer. If you’re purchasing a device directly from the manufacturer, they’ll be able to provide you with a copy of the quality assurance report for your defibrillator. The quality assurance report includes all the signatures and dates that show when it was inspected and calibrated.

It’s also important to ask if any scheduled maintenance must be performed on your unit after the purchase. Many manufacturers require annual calibration and inspection by an outside agency before each use, which keeps their equipment up-to-date.

Check with your employer’s training department.

Check with your employer’s training department. They can tell you which defibrillators are used in your workplace, including their model and serial numbers.

Ask the manufacturer for recommendations on qualified instructors who are experienced with your type of defibrillator. If there aren’t any recommended instructors, call a local hospital or ambulance service and ask them if they have an instructor who could help you learn about the unit.

Compare prices with other models, suppliers, and retailers.

Doing your research and comparison shop before purchasing a defibrillator is important. Use price comparison websites, such as [N.A] or [N.A], which will give you an idea of what other models are selling for and how much they cost. Using these websites, you can also compare prices and features, reliability, warranty terms, and delivery options.

Alternatively, you could ask the manufacturer directly about their products’ quality control standards – often, they’ll have a good understanding of how sturdy their product is!


If you need a device that can save lives, you must ensure you are buying good, reliable and quality defibrillators in Australia. It is essential to research before making any purchase decisions so that when the time comes, you can choose wisely!

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