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How Often Does a Roof Need To Be Replaced?

One of the most ignored parts of the house is the roof. Most people only maintain or inspect their roof when it starts to leak or show visible signs of damage. This is highly dangerous and can even cause you to spend more on roof replacement. This is why experts like EcoGen America advise that you book a roof inspection at least twice yearly. A certified roof inspector will help check your roof for cracked shingles, missing shingles, mold, rot, leaks, or other signs of roof damage. A bi-annual roof inspection can help detect roof problems and repair them before they develop into leaks and affect a larger portion of the roof. 

There are several reasons why Roofs get replaced. It could be that they are damaged beyond repair, or the homeowner doesn’t like the roof type again, or they’ve reached their full life span, etc. Whichever reason you have for wanting to replace your roof, it is important to make sure whoever is handling the replacement is qualified and certified. So you won’t have to redo the entire process within a short time. 

That being said, here are some recommended replacement schedules based on the types of roofing materials:

However, these suggested replacement schedules may vary based on the kind of climate your roof is exposed to. For instance, severe humidity and winter make roofing materials wear out on time. 

Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof

Roofing Style

It’s important to consider the kind of roofing style you want before checking the price of roofing materials or choosing a contractor. You can either decide to go for a non-flamboyant look or something that stands out in your area. Choosing a color that goes well with the original color of your home is also important.

Noise Tolerance 

A roof replacement can take days to complete. During this period, there’ll be stripping, scraping, and hammering of shingles which will produce a loud noise. For this reason, you should choose a time when the noise will be the least inconvenient. You can also consider relocating your family members temporarily.

Roofing Material Options

Over the years, roofing technology has greatly improved, so you have access to more choices that weren’t available when your home was initially built. Some of the popular roofing options in today’s world include asphalt shingles, slates, and metal roofs. You should choose a roofing material that’s energy efficient and long-lasting because it helps you save costs eventually.

Roofing Contractor References

Before choosing a roofing contractor, it’s advisable to look around and then compare your options. You can seek references from family members, friends, neighbors, and other categories of people who recently got a roof replacement service. Don’t also forget to verify the license and insurance of the roofing contractors you get introduced to. It can help prevent unpleasant surprises.

Roofing Cost

Hiring a roofing contractor who offers a low price can be quite tempting, but it’s not often the best choice. Choosing who to hire for your roofing project is not a decision you should make in haste. Since a roof replacement is a big project, it pays to invest enough time in choosing a contractor who will offer you a quality service. This will manifest in both the quality of materials they use and the outcome of your roofing project.

Roof Removal Service

When you’re about to hire a roofing contractor, don’t forget to ask them if they will be removing your old roof for you. Generally, it’s best to have your old roof removed completely instead of placing new shingles over it. 

Roof Refuse Disposal

You need to know how your roofing contractor plans to dispose of your old roof. The ideal thing is for them to bring a container to store it. Also, you should ask where they’ll put the container and what will happen if it damages your driveway or any other part of your property.

Roofing Contract

Lastly, you should carefully go through a roofer’s contract before you decide to work with them. You should ensure it includes specific details about the materials required for the project, replacement cost, and project duration. There should also be a letter of confirmation that the roofer’s insurance carrier covers the project. You should also ensure your roofer is following your city’s building code. If there’s any issue, make your roofing contractor address it before signing the contract.

Getting a bi-annual roof inspection and considering the factors mentioned above before getting a roof replacement service helps to ensure you enjoy the benefits of a successful roof replacement project.

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