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Best International Banks Reviewed: Limits, Fees, Conditions

If you often travel abroad, you probably already know how important it is to choose the right bank with decent conditions. Choose wrong, and you will have to deal with sky-high fees and extreme exchange rates every time you buy something in another country. To avoid this, you should look for banks which don’t charge too much for international transactions or ATM withdrawals, and we’re here to help. This article is going to tell you about several reputable banks to choose from.

How to choose a bank

Basically, international banks are just about any banks operating in many countries. However, we are especially interested in banks which provide decent conditions and fees globally, so you don’t have to worry about wasting too much money on commissions in some specific country. While there are many traditional banks meeting these requirements, arguably the best banks in this area are online banks, a new kind of financial services. These banks allow you to manage your account through your phone.

Moreover, they usually don’t seem to care about the country you’re in, so the fees and conditions stay attractive even abroad. Such banks allow you to exchange currencies with favorable rates, and it’s an easy way to access other products related to savings or investments. However, the most crucial thing you should consider is their ATM policy: you should be able to withdraw cash without high fees. Learn about the cards your chosen bank offers, they may be very useful in travels.

But if you don’t feel like analyzing various conditions yourself, we’ve arranged a short list of simply the best banks with international services. Let’s check it out.


Wise is actually a transfer company, but it provides exceptional service that may come in handy. It has real exchange rates for all countries, and it’s very cheap to use. However, free ATM withdrawals aren’t too large: the maximum free sum is $200 a month.

Starling Bank

This bank is known for its unique fee-free account that provides access to many products like pension programs, loans, overdrafts, and so on. It’s great for cross-border transactions, and its overall service quality is exceptional.


Monzo is a great UK-based online bank that has notably small fees: for example, there are no fees for transactions. It also has a great savings account, and the bank is known to work even with crypto.

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