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A Florist’s Guide on How to Create a Wedding Bouquet

Did you know in 2022, it is anticipated that the florist market will grow by 1.8%?

There are so many elements to a wedding, and each is incredibly important to its success. A wedding bouquet sets the tone for the wedding and adds an immense amount of symbolism.

It’s no wonder most brides spend a lot of time planning their bouquet and how it will look. A spectacular bouquet can bring a wedding together.

Keep reading our florist’s guide to learn how to make a beautiful bouquet for the wedding.

Selecting Seasonal Blooms

Selecting seasonal blooms that will bring out the wedding colors and theme is essential. In choosing, the flower wholesale market can be a great resource. 

They have extensive inventories of the most popular blooms and specific information about when they are in season so you can pick the perfect combination of colors and blooms for your wedding.

All floral arrangements should coordinate with the colors and theme of the wedding. For instance, traditional summer weddings often include pink and white flowers, while an autumn wedding can use rich, warm colors such as oranges and burgundies.

Seasonal blooms will also help create a bouquet with more intricate designs as more variety and textures are available year-round.

Decide on the Size and Shape

Take into account the scale of the bride herself and the overall color scheme and theme of the wedding. A large and square bouquet arrangement may overwhelm a petite bride, while a small and round one may appear too small.

Consider arranging clusters of flowers in a single-high cascade design, arranged thickly and tightly from the hands of the bride.

Place the Stems Together

After gathering all of the necessary blooms to create the desired wedding bouquet, it’s time to put the stems together with wire or band to create the desired shape. Start by laying out the stems to determine the desired size, shape, and color.

Then, wrap a florist wire around the top stems, drawing them firmly together at the same level.

Wrap With Ribbon

For an extra added charm, the bouquet can be adorned with ribbon and accents, such as pins and brooches. Choose ribbon colors that complement the colors of the bouquet.

To attach the ribbon and accents to the bouquet, begin with one side and use floral wire to attach the ribbon and ornaments securely to the bouquet.

To finish the look, wrap the ribbon and accents around the bouquet in various directions, adorning the bouquet with as much extra charm as desired.

Deliver the Completed Bouquet

Package the bouquet in a box or a basket for the highest level of protection and security. When delivering the bouquet, provide the couple with specific instructions for care.

Make sure they know to keep the bouquet away from direct sunlight and heat and spray it regularly to maintain freshness. Additionally, suggest they cut the stems at an angle to allow better water absorption.

Create A Beautiful Wedding Bouquet Today

As a florist, creating a stunning wedding bouquet is easier than you may have thought. Select seasonal blooms first, then decide on the size and shape of the bouquet, place the stem together, wrap it with ribbon, and deliver the completed bouquet to the happy couple.

With these florist tips and the proper materials, you’re ready to create an amazing, vibrant, and gorgeous bouquet that will be perfect for the big day. To become a florist, be the best, start creating today and witness the beauty of your art.

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