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5 Unusual Places to Host a Scavenger Hunt

A well-planned scavenger hunt makes a great team-building activity. It’s a memorable way to build team spirit while giving employees a chance to get to know one another. Here are five unique locations you can use to host a unique and successful scavenger hunt:

The Zoo

The zoo is an excellent outdoor venue to host a corporate scavenger hunt. There’s so much to see and explore, and nature provides a perfect backdrop for photographs.

Incorporate the animals and plants into your game. Have fun with team names; you could use the names of local animal species or plants. This works to get everyone in the mood for some friendly competition.

Set up tasks around different animal exhibits and let members compete as they try to find them all. Try asking employees to find examples of certain animals native to their home state. Or have them locate an animal that corresponds with their personality type. Incorporate fun facts about the animals in each cage or exhibit to make things interesting.

Use the zoo’s layout and structure to come up with physical challenges. Timed tasks, for instance, will encourage members to race around the zoo as they compete against each other.

An Art Museum

An art museum is a perfect place for a more intellectual scavenger hunt. Museums are fairly spacious, which means there’s plenty of room to wander around and hide clues. Most art museums have exciting and varied collections, so there’s something interesting for everyone.

Get creative with your scavenger hunt questions. Come up with challenges that range from finding a specific painting to taking a selfie next to a statue. Or ask teams to document the exhibits as they walk through.

You can promote critical thinking by having members look for similar paintings and then discuss why they fall under the same category. You can also have them find an image that has an obvious reference to something else.

Consider creating tasks that encourage members to use their imagination and creativity. This includes looking for one-of-a-kind works of art or searching for artwork based on specific elements.

An Abandoned Building

Abandoned buildings are the perfect mix of spooky and fun. You’ll want to leave a trail of clues leading teams to different parts of the building. Once there, you could have them solve a challenge, like completing a puzzle or finding an object hidden somewhere.

If there’s history attached to the building, split members into teams and have them search for clues that relate to the building’s past. You can also incorporate these facts in your clue trail.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you’ll need to make sure the abandoned building is safe. You’ll also need to get permission from the owner before you start planning your hunt.

Be sure you have a way to track everyone’s progress, such as GPS trackers or a mobile phone app. This will also help you keep everyone safe and make sure teams aren’t getting lost.

A Cemetery

Cemeteries can be dark and mysterious, perfect for a fall scavenger hunt. They are also beautiful sites full of history and urban legends. That makes a cemetery an unusual spot for a corporate scavenger hunt this Halloween.

Cemeteries are great spots to get creative. You can use the headstones, monuments, and statues as part of your puzzle-solving and use the opportunity to learn about important historical figures laid to rest there.

Check with the cemetery administration or groundskeeper before you plan or visit for the hunt. Some cemeteries have rules about what is allowed and what isn’t. Also, verify that all participating members are comfortable with being in a graveyard. It should be fun, not scary.

The Office

Break your team out of the same old meeting room and have them explore the hidden corners of the office. This is a great way to learn more about their co-workers. You can set up clues leading them through break rooms, past cubicles, and the mailroom. This builds team spirit and encourages staff to get acquainted with their surroundings.

Plan Your Next Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for a fun activity to spice up your next corporate event, look no further than a scavenger hunt. When planned right, it is one of the most effective team-building tools. When deciding on the perfect area for the game, consider a well-known central area where people may gather and finish in a location attendees can stay after the event and socialize.

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