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5 Essential Cleaning Tips to Know About a Vacation Rental

One of your finest (and safest) options for a summer getaway could be to rent a modest beachfront home for a few days or a remote cottage in the woods. 

When preventing the spread of COVID-19, vacation rentals are typically more controlled, private situations that offer a safer option than busy resorts or hotels.

These homes, which frequently have their kitchens and laundry rooms, let you avoid directly interacting with people who aren’t family members. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that booking a private retreat during a pandemic still carries some hazards. 

To assist you and your family stay healthy while staying for a short-term rental in Philadephia, keep these safety and cleaning tips in mind.

1. Book Stays with Safety in Mind

Ensure the landlord or property management is taking steps to maintain a clean, safe environment before making a reservation for a vacation rental. If at all feasible, pick a place where reservations are spaced out so that hosts have time to clean and sanitize between visitors.

2. Bring Your Cleaning Products

While many vacation homes in Philadelphia are equipped with some basic cleaning products, you may want to bring your own to be sure you have all you need. To sanitize surfaces when you arrive and maintain cleanliness throughout your stay, consider bringing a disinfectant approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, a roll of paper towels or a few cleaning cloths, and some disposable gloves.

3. Disinfect Surfaces on Arrival

To lessen the chance of infection after you get to your destination, think about cleaning frequently touched surfaces right after checking in. Use a disinfectant spray or wipes to clean countertops, light switches, doorknobs, appliance handles, and other common locations. 

You might also want to wash any communal dishes or kitchen utensils you’ll be using and run a cycle of laundry for towels or linens. Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water after cleaning your vacation rental.

4. Remember Your Rental Has Likely Been Cleaned Already

In general, hosts are supposed to clean their houses between guests, and as a result of the current pandemic, numerous vacation rental firms have released revised cleaning and disinfection procedures. Although the property has probably been properly cleaned before your arrival, if you’re concerned about possible contamination, giving the space a nice wipe-down when you get there will help you feel more at ease and make it easier to enjoy your time there.

5. Spills with Lemonade and Juice

Lemonade and juice boxes, as well as a lot of waste, come to mind when you think of summer. It needn’t be difficult to clean up stale summer disasters like these drinks with added sugar. Utilizing a hot water microfiber towel after using a paper towel first. Utilize a paper towel. If you spill something, immediately rinse your wet clothing.

Alcohol now leaves stains on the microfiber upholstery of many chairs, making cleaning difficult. Spray rubbing alcohol over the stain and then clean it with a soft sponge. It leaves no traces since it evaporates more quickly than water. Is alcohol’s impact on your tissue a concern? 

Spraying a hydrogen peroxide solution in two sections, rubbing it in, then washing the dish will create a one-part fluid dishwashing solution.


Along with applying these cleaning suggestions for vacation rentals, look up regional travel regulations before leaving the house to ensure you abide by the rules. You may still have a safe and responsible summer vacation with a few extra safety measures.

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