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4 Reasons To Install an Automated Controller for Your Swimming Pool

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Are you looking to up your pool game? Was installing a pool on your bucket list?

Believe it or not, automating your pool can help not only you but your family’s pool skills. Whether this is your first pool or you’re looking to improve your aquatic game, installing an automated controller can make all the difference when it comes to your pool’s level.

With that said, we want to help you out. Below, you’ll discover the reasons for installing an automated swimming pool controller for your home pool.

1. Cut Out the Human Error Factor

With an automated controller, you can cut out the human error factor when it comes to swimming pool maintenance. Automated controllers eliminate the need to manually monitor, maintain, and adjust levels of chlorine, pH, and other chemicals in your pool.

They also allow you to set and track reminders for pool cleaning and added chemicals. An automated controller also helps to keep your swimming pool balanced and algae-free. This is by automating the exact dosing amounts of chemicals at specific times.

Furthermore, you’ll prevent having to waste time adjusting the chemical balance of your pool. This is because an automated controller can maintain a steady balance of the water chemistry with minimal monitoring.

2. Lower Running Costs with Efficiency

An automated controller for your swimming pool is an effective way to lower running costs with efficiency. Automated pool controllers allow you to:

All of which can reduce energy costs when managed correctly. The controller will control the heating and filtration systems and allow you to adjust the temperature and circulation in the pool. Many controllers come with preset programs to determine the optimal schedule for filter run times.

An automated controller like those from also allows you to save energy and money by keeping the swimming pool from being heated when not in use. 

3. Enjoy Movie-Theater-Like Pool Automation

Installing an automated controller for your swimming pool has numerous advantages. The entertainment aspect of automated pool control is the biggest draw, allowing you to create a customized movie-theater-like experience.

By using motion-activated lighting, music, and sound, you can make your pool seem like a real theater. Additionally, automated pool control can increase efficiency. Through precise water chemistry control, circulation, filtration as well as heating and cooling, you can save time and money by having the pool run as efficiently as possible.

Automated pool control also offers safety benefits, with its ability to turn lights on and off and monitor the temperature. 

4. Adapt To Local Climates Automatically

Installing an automated pool controller is a great way to ensure your swimming pool remains in the best condition. Automated controllers allow you to easily adapt to local climates because they can detect changes in pool temperature and adjust the pool’s settings accordingly. For example, if the water gets too cold or too hot, the controller can adjust the temperature accordingly. 

Explore Automated Controller for Your Swimming Pool

An automated controller for your pool offers significant benefits, including ease of maintenance, savings on costs, and improved water quality. With so many advantages, there is no doubt that installing a controller is the right choice.

Invest in an automated controller today and start enjoying your pool like never before!

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