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3 Organizations That Need Cybersecurity as a Priority 

Cybersecurity is big business, but it’s not just tech companies that must take this issue seriously. Many different organizations, large and small, have been targeted by hackers regularly. Unsurprisingly, these are some of the most vulnerable sectors in the economy.

Of course, there is no way to know if they will be the next target until hackers hit them. Still, some of these organizations have taken proactive measures to identify and prevent future cyberattacks before they can do any real damage.

However, when it comes to cybersecurity, there are different requirements for different types of businesses, a few of which are outlined below.


Risk Factors

The risk factors faced by SMEs are generally the same as those faced by larger businesses, but it’s important to consider them.

Due to their size and relatively low budgets, SMEs make a tempting target for hackers looking for quick gains. They also can be easily taken advantage of by phishing attacks through email or job boards.

Prevention Tips

There are a few ways that SMEs can make their businesses more secure from hackers:


Risk Factors

Enterprise businesses face a higher risk of cyberattack than other organizations. In addition to the risks faced by SMEs, they also face a lot of pressure from shareholders to succeed online as well as offline. 

This tends to make them more vulnerable targets for hackers attempting phishing attacks, fake websites, and scam emails.

Prevention Tips

There are a few ways that enterprises can reduce the risks of cyberattacks:

Government and Public Sector

Risk Factors

Government organizations face a higher level of risk than even enterprises. They are also a target for hackers because of the information they hold. 

In addition to the data that is stored on government servers, they have a large amount of data held by third parties that can be accessed through a simple search.

Prevention Tips

For government and public sector businesses, there are a few ways in which you can help prevent hacking:

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